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"24/7 Surveillance!"

Ivideon is a video surveillance web service that has now launched an Android application, where you can access to your surveillance cameras over the internet and makes sure you have plenty of features to keep an eye on what is important to you.

Even though we haven't been able to try all the features, it seems that one of the differences between this app and other surveillance services is that this one tries to be easy to use and control, with a simple design and a high usability, so you don't need to know special skills in order to install it. In addition, this is a really ambitious application so expect it to grow and become much more bigger than it is now.

Ivideon is perfect for keeping an eye on your house when you're away or even at work, you just need to install the service and use a webcam to control what's happening. Then, with the mobile application, you will be able to watch your videos from wherever you are. You can also check out previous day's footage, which is conveniently stored in Ivideon's cloud service.

As for extra features, you can also mark your surveillance cameras on Google Maps, let your family or friends access to the videos, embed the videos and other various actions you can discovery by visiting the website.

In conclusion, Ivideon Surveillance, a useful app for those who want to control their house, their workplace or anything, really. It's clearly a nice and easy way to work with surveillance cameras, and we think it works perfectly along unskilled or not tech-savvy people. Although we'd like some extra sci-fi features, flat truth is that this may be the best app of its kind we have seen so far. And it's free (for non-commercial uses).

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