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Nirvana, Michael Jackson did not even elude the song parody king! Yankobikui music video (M / V) is a collection of applications.

Weird Al yankobik (Weird Al Yankovic | Alfred Matthew Yankovic) singer
Born: October 23, 1959 (USA)
Age: 54 years (10,052 years).
Gender: Male
Real name: Alfred Matthew Yankovic
Constellation: Scorpio
Band: Pig
Body: 183cm
Debut: 1983 1st album [Weird Al Yankovic]
2003 Grammy Awards for Best Comedy aelbeomsang
1988 Grammy Awards for Best Concept Music Video Oh Sang
1985 Grammy Awards for Best Polka rekodingsang

TV footage of the legendary music video based on their offers (KBS, MBC, SBS, Japan, reteomaensyo, Taiwan, China, etc.). After installing the first YouTube player application download free music videos you can watch. The content is updated regularly.

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