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    Children of the Empire ZE: A music video (M / V) is a collection of applications.

    ZE: A (Children of the Empire), part of the Star Empire is a group of 9-member male idol.
    October 2009 where 50 guerrillas across the country and around the concert, and on January 07, 2010 the first single "Nativity" was released January 13, 2010 Showcase opens on 15th January 2010 KBS Music Bank is working as a debut start.

    ZE: A (Children of the Empire), singer
    Members: Moon, Jun (leader, vocals), siwan (vocals), Kevin (vocals), hwanggwanghui (vocals), gimtaeheon (WRAP), jeonghuicheol (WRAP), Employing (rap vocals), Park, Hyung - Sik (vocals), Kim, Dong (Vocal )
    Agent: Star Empire
    Debut: 2010 single album [Nativity]
    Presented by:
    2010.11 Korea Federation of the content industry to promote eradication of illicit helper
    Yeosu International Congress ambassador 2010.07 special effects

    2011.11.30 Star Empire (Park Jung Ah, Seo In Young, the Empire's Children, Jewelry)
    2011.11.23 Daily Daily
    OST deokik 26/10/2011
    2011.07.08 Exciting (Special Single)
    03/17/2011 a house Lovability | Regular
    Sponsored Link 3 OST Part.2 08/09/2010

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