Australian Weather and Widgets



New to Google Play! Our latest professional Australian weather app.

Comes with beautiful Widgets to refresh any home screen.

➤Sourced directly from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and developed in Australia by Australians.

➤For demanding weather watches that are serious about weather forecasts, charts and maps information.

What features are exclusive to Australian Weather and Widgets (AUS Weather) App?
➤Exclusive Location finder which uses your current GPS location to get nearest weather information automatically.
➤Exclusive 3 hourly weather forecast for next 72 hours and 6 hourly forecast for next 7 days for all location in Australia.
➤Exclusive Interactive Maps that show weather and seas forecast patterns for Australia.
➤Exclusive weather charts showing today's temperature, maximum, minimum, humidity and rainfall.
➤Exclusive 24 hour forecast chart to show visually the forecast temperature, maximum, minimum, humidity and rainfall.
➤Exclusive 7 day forecast chart shows visually the forecast for the week ahead. Get forecast temperature, mean monthly maximum, mean monthly minimum, humidity and rainfall.
➤ Exclusive information on Forest Fire Index and Grass Fire Index.
➤Exclusive celestial (moon) information from sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset to major and minor periods information used by fishermen and hunters.
➤Exclusive marine information on tides, seas and wind.
➤ Only app to provide Australian district weather forecasts.

➤ Radars from 64km, 128km, 256km and 512km to predict when rainfall will reach you.
➤ Radar rainfall over certain areas for the last 6 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours and rainfall since 9am.
➤ Use the Doppler Effect radar to view direction and speed of wind.
➤ National satellite imagery with radar.

➤ Interactive maps on:
● Surface Pressure and Rainfall
● MSLP and Thickness
● Wind Speed and Direction
● Geopotential Height
● Temperature
● Relative Humidity
● Dew Point
● Combined Sea and Swell
● Primary Swell
● Wind Waves
● Swell Period
➤ Also includes an animated Synoptic Chart.

Australia Weather and Widgets App is designed with an intuitive interface and fully equipped with all the weather information you need in your pocket.

We provide the most accurate weather information from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) sources so be assure the information is always correct and not sourced from overseas.

✶ This App contains weather information only about Australian states and its territories.
✶ The data is sourced from Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and was not developed or published by BOM. Any questions, bugs or recommendations should be sent to us or visit us at
✶ Please use this app as advisory only and seek alternative sources for confirmation.


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