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If you updating from v1.3 please download the new realtime.xml file for weather station from here:

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"Cumulus Realtime" displays personal weather station informations.
You need to own a private weather station to use this application!
It uses the "realtime" functionality as described for Cumulus Software by Steve from Sandaysoft (

It also requires the user to use Cumulus's auto-upload functionality, where a 2nd set of data is posted. The format of this data is XML and uses Cumulus webtags (

Additional file can be download from here:

The content of the package is "realtime.xml" file, and this file should be placed in Cumulus's "web" directory, and Cumulus should be set to upload this periodically. This file should be up-loaded by Cumulus by checking the "Process", "FTP" and "Enable Realtime" check box. The remote location and file name can be set via "Cumulus Realtime's" options menu.

For beta application I used images from Jan Badenhorst's Sunbird Screenlet visit .
Thanks to Steve and the Sandaysoft crowd on great free software.

This application is totally AD-FREE

How to install:

Download additional file from here:
Unzip it!
Copy the realtime.xml file into your Cumulus folder on your PC
Within Cumulus click Configuration, Internet, then the 'Files' tab
Add a new entry in one of the blank lines.

Local filename is the full path and filename of realtime.xmll
Remote filename can be anything however it should be the path to your HTML files and a filename, ending in XML.

You must tick 'Process', 'FTP' and 'Realtime' to allow Cumulus to add values to the file and upload it.

Enjoy! :)

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