Gower Tides & Surf




    Easily view the tidal data, local surf, weather and other useful information for the Gower in South Wales.
    An Internet connection is not required to view tidal or sunrise/sunset data.

    Accurate tidal forecasts for the Gower Peninsula (including Llangennith, Rhossili, Broughton, Oxwich, etc.) but the tide timings should also be relevant to much of the South Wales coast.

    Choose from a selection of 4 coastal locations (hopefully more soon) for 5-day surf reports and view 5-day weather forecasts.


    Tides available offline:
    - The application does not require an Internet connection in order to obtain the tides information as this is handled locally.
    - No loading times.
    - This is particularly useful in areas with little/no data reception.

    Surf Data:
    - 5 day surf and swell forecast available for 4 Gower locations (more soon, hopefully).
    - Cached locally, so sync the app (happens automatically by default) before heading to no-signal areas.

    Weather Data:
    - The app can also display the weather (though this feature does require an Internet connection).
    - Local weather forecast is available for up to 5 days from the current day.
    - Cached locally, so if you sync and move to a no-signal area, then the data is still viewable.

    - Choose what you want to see.
    - Configure the information shown on the graph and in tide tables.
    - Choose whether or not to collect or show weather data.

    - Tidal patterns usually form more of a cosine wave (in terms of a graph). This app displays the tidal information as linear intervals. This is accurate in indicating the height of the tide at low- and high-tide, but will not be accurate between tide events.

    - Surf data provided by Magic Seaweed.
    - Weather data is provided by World Weather Online.
    - Weather icons are from the Novacons set designed by digitalchet (
    - Weather information icons are from the Climacons set designed by Adam Whitcroft (
    - Surf information icons are from the Batch set also designed by Adam Whitcroft.

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