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Hailstorm watch uses various information sources in order to keep you informed about the latests developments related to hailstorms approaching your area.

Hailstorm watch uses real-time feeds from Twitter and weather agencies. It also looks for weather radars in your area and automatically analyzes the radar images.

Using these sources, Hailstorm watch computes a score (from 0 to 100) that indicates the likelihood of hailstone happening in your area.

As soon as this score reaches a configurable threshold, Hailstorm watch will notify you so that you can prepare yourself and protect your belongings.

- Real-time score computation
- Looks for nearby tweets speaking about hailstorms (no need to have a Twitter account)
- Uses weather agencies information (via Google)
- Automatically analyses weather radar images in your area
- It only considers events near your current location
- Get notifications when the score beats critical level
- Completely configurable

NEW FEATURE: Weather radars
350+ radars around the world, with coverage in 20+ countries, including:
- Argentina
- Belgium
- Brazil
- Canada
- Denmark
- France
- Germany
- Italy
- Japan
- Mexico
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Saudi Arabia
- Spain
- Switzerland
- United Kingdom
- United States
If you know about weather radars in your area and you would like us to include them in Hailstorm watch, please contact us!

Use Hailstorm watch when travelling abroad:
- Hailstorm watch will search hailstone-related tweets near you in the language spoken on your current location, regardless of your UI language settings.
- For instance, if you travel to Buenos Aires, Hailstorm watch will look for terms such as "granizo" ('hail' in Spanish) without you having to change any setting.

UI languages:
- English
- Spanish
- Portuguese (by Heitor S. Ramos)

Hailstorm terminology languages:
- English (hailstorm, hailstone, hail, ...)
- Spanish (granizo, piedras, granizada, ...)
- Portuguese (granizo, ...)

NOTICE: this app does not replace official weather information from authoritative agencies. The computed score is for orientation use only, it does not provide any kind of warranty, the user is responsible for using it at his/her own risk.

If you're interested in translating Hailstone watch so that it can work with the hailstone-related terminology in your area, please contact us.

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