It is an application that displays a composite image of short-term weather forecast, precipitation radar AMeDAS rainfall analysis of Japan Meteorological Agency Web site.

In addition to the latest observation data to display (short term rainfall forecast) rain forecast for the next 6 hours past observation data (rainfall radar analysis AMeDAS), and.

It is a single-function, I developed a sense of aiming operation easy and intuitive.


- Display the image analysis of short-term weather forecast, precipitation rainfall each country or region.
- You can zoom the image with one finger (one finger zoom).
- You can be scaled to operate until Vibe Long tap the image, as it is when you slide on and slide down.
- For each country or each region, the last displayed position, storing the magnification.
- You can change the time of the seek bar button or display image.
- The cache is loaded image once, I will show at a high speed.
- If there is a SD card, I want to create the SD card to cache.

- The data is obtained from the Japan Meteorological Agency website.
- It may be due to the configuration of the Japan Meteorological Agency website will be modified and can not be updated.

Tags: レーダーアメダス予報 , japan weather forecast precipitation rain map , 気象庁 アメダス データ ダウンロード 自動取得 , 降水 レーダー 予想 長時間 , 解析雨量 画像化

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