Rain Brain




    *Australian Users Only*

    Personal, precise rain prediction.

    Do you want to know exactly when it's going to rain, at your precise location?

    * Should you bring in the washing now, or can you wait 10 minutes?
    * Feel like playing golf today, just not in wet socks?
    * Should you take the motorcycle for a ride or grab the car instead?

    Easy to use, this app will help everyone. Whether you're a mum, sportsman, office-worker or cyclist, never again will the rain out-smart you now that you have the added power of a Rain Brain!


    * Bureau of Meteorology radar viewer, with zoom and pan.
    * Predicts rain to within 500 metres of your exact location, and to the minute.
    * If rain is going to hit you, it will tell you how long until it does.
    * If it's currently raining at your location, it will tell you when rain is going to end.
    * Homescreen widget gives live predictions without you even having to press a button!
    * Notifications of incoming rain are selectable based on whether rain is maybe on the way, likely or definitely incoming.
    * New! Ice Cream Sandwich user interface
    * New! Set Manual Location
    * Many more features to come, so stay tuned!

    How to Use

    * Install the app from the app store
    * When you run for the first time, Rain Brain will activate and will download the last 10 rain radar images for your area.
    * Once the rain radars are downloaded, Rain Brain will then analyse the images and create a prediction for you.
    * After this, Rain Brain will keep running in the background to keep you up-to-date with rain images and predictions automatically.
    * Add the Rain Brain widget to your homescreen for up-to-date rain predictions with a minimum of hassle.
    * The longer the Rain Brain stays activated, the better its predictions will become, as it refines its analysis with more rain data.
    * If you want to stop the Rain Brain background service, just go into the app, press the menu button, and Stop Rain Brain.


    * This version of Rain Brain works only in Australia
    * Works on both smartphones and tablets, user interface now also optimised for tablets.
    * Weather is inherently unpredictable, so while Rain Brain does its best to analyse the rain radar, it cannot give a 100% guarantee.
    * This app is in constant development, please give the developers feedback, or ask questions at

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