Sense Analog Clock Widget


Sense Analog Clock Widget's review


A time and weather widget for your Android mobile device home screen

  • Good material design
  • Convenient tap-to-launch
  • Helpful stats
  • Poor location finding
  • Froze once
  • Glitchy temperature settings

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Are you looking for a simple widget to provide you with both time and weather information. With the Sense Analog Clock Widget, you'll have easy access to information you need right from your home screen. Although it isn't a perfect widget, it comes with a clean design and moderately functional interface.


Sense Analog Clock Widget looks good, with a pleasing material design and easily readable fonts and buttons. The tap-to-launch functions are convenient. The system stats and pop up info are quite helpful.


The app had a problem finding the location for the weather function. The widget froze upon initial install. The temperature setting has a problem staying on the selected choice, whether Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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by William

Dec 29, 2015

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