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Singapore Weather helps you get weather forecasts information easily. It has forecast information for 3 hours, today, 3 days; rain information map; readings information like temp, wind, rainfall and humidity map; air quality map, like PM value, PSI value, haze, pollution standard index. All the data come from NEA (Singapore National Environment Agency)

SG Weather information:
*) Forecast: today, 3 days, 12hrs, 3hrd;
*) Rain: light, heavy;
*) Readings: Temp, Wind, Rainfall, Humidity, UV index;
*) Air Quality: 24hr PSI, PM 2.5 Concentrations, sg haze;
*) Text forecast: North, South, East, West, Central;

SG Weather Features:
*) Show the weather in graph
*) Show Singapore local weather information

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