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United Kingdom weather forecast from

The Android application from (Weather United Kingdom) contains:

✔ Weather forecast for 6 days from the American model Global Forecast System, a half degree.
✔ View weather every 6 hours for each day separately, pressing the option on the daily forecast of the desired day.
✔ Color temperature gradient from warmer to colder per 6 hours per day.
✔ Altitude limit presentation for state of snow and rain.
✔ Exact amount of precipitation in millimeters (mm rain or snow) that will fall at every 6 hours.
✔ One thousand and one hundred(1100) combinations with bubbles, drops and flakes for a more realistic presentation of weather meteo uk weather United Kingdom - Weather in United Kingdom.
✔ Global map of rain and snow for the next 8 days (180 hours from now) with all the possibilities offered by the application google maps (zoom in, zoom out, scroll) and color gradation of intensity of rainfall.
✔ Easy navigation through the map button "+6 H" and "+6 hours" which show weather data for every 6 hours renewing the corresponding page and images or not.
✔ implementing the English Language>> weather UK.
✔ search your area with three ways
1. automatic detection of the nearest cities (geolocation)
2. quick search by pressing a button (livesearch)
3. selected via the access history buttons (shows the last four visits).

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