Tide Tables Brazil (old Pro)



This program is the old version of Tide Tables Brazil, and allows you to have access to a simple display panel showing the harmonic elements for tides in various brazilian locations. Includes syzygial and neap components of the Moon.

››› Attention! NOT supported anymore. It reached its validity period:

1. Sales ended at 23:59 (11:59 PM) GMT-03:00, of July 12, 2013. All support ended effective September 07, 2014, following sales end notice previously displayed here.

2. Only the new version will be available for new purchases. If you buy this version after the date above, your order will be canceled.

3. No updates will be issued for this program anymore.

4. No new support requests will be honored anymore.

5. This last version has theoretical support for future data, and as such you may keep using it "AS IS", but in case any future event breaks compatibility with this program (e.g., server changes), no updates will be issue, as said.

Sorry, no exceptions!

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