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Weather Alertz provides a free, quick, and simple way to receive weather and non-weather related alerts from the U.S. National Weather Service and other government agencies.

** The Pro version of Weather Alertz is now free, so you should download that version instead of this one. **

- Enter locations by zip code, county, or marine zone. Unlimited locations allowed.

- Receive alerts for the entire U.S. and surrounding coastal waters, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

- Includes 15 alert categories (121 individual alert types). Lets you choose which alert types you want to be notified for.

- Notifications show up in the device's status bar. For notifications, you can play a ringtone, vibrate the device, and flash the LED lights. You can mute ringtones before and after particular times of the day.

- Ability to automatically poll for new and updated alerts, as frequently as every 3 minutes. Current alerts are stored on the device, which means less data needs to be downloaded.

- View a map showing the current alerts for the U.S. and surrounding coastal waters.

- No advertisements.

- No subscription fees or in-app purchases.

- Upgrade to Weather Alertz Pro, to get current location tracking, push notifications, and the ability to use different ringtones for weather warnings, watches, advisories, and statements.

Alert categories:
- Air Quality
- Civil Emergency
- Earthquake and Tsunami
- Fire
- Flood
- Fog, Smoke, and Dust
- Heat
- Hurricane and Typhoon
- Hydrology
- Marine
- Special
- Thunderstorm and Tornado
- Volcano
- Wind
- Winter Weather

Explanation of app permissions:
- INTERNET: Required for downloading alerts from National Weather Service servers.
- VIBRATE: Users have the option of vibrating the device when notifications arrive.
- WAKE_LOCK: This prevents the device from sleeping when updating alerts.
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Allows the app to start up after the device is rebooted.

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