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    Widget with forecasts from over 8.7 million places worldwide delivered by the norwegian meteorological institute (, updated several times each day. Search or show the forecast for your current location.

    Shows forecast for the next part of the day (morning, day, evening or night) and forecasts for the next 3 days.

    4x1 and 4x2 layouts with selectable backgrounds and lock screen widget available.

    Precise geo-positioning even without using gps, with 4 area sizes (local area, district, community and county) and adjustable position update frequency.

    Touch the widget to show the meteogram, a detailed graphical display of the forecast for the next 2 days. Touch the update icon (2 arrows) to manually update position and forecast.

    Optional calendar with clock, day, date and week number or more detailed forecast.

    Optimized for minimum data and battery usage. Tips to even further optimize this:
    - Use network positioning, low position update frequency and forecasts for larger areas (less updates when moving).

    Forecasts shown in english or norwegian.

    --> If you have problems getting it to start, please make sure you have location services enabled! Go to your phone settings, select "Location services" and make sure at least location with wireless networks are enabled. <--

    Tip: If the place you get when using "my position" is incorrect, try to search for the correct place, and choose this. When you select "use my position" the next time, it remembers this place, and uses it when you are nearby.

    Ad free version available.

    --> Many thanks to Jem for valuable testing and feedback!

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