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It is an application that "weather Notice" has become a set period of time, to inform me of the weather at that time with an icon in the status bar.
Have the following characteristics: The "weather News".
■ You can choose from more than where to get the weather forecast.
■ You can register multiple times every day to inform.
■ You can set the data obtained for each registration area.
■ You will be able to inform more than one weather forecast at the same time.
■ weather icon is displayed in the status bar, you can check without having to unlock the screen.
■ you will be able to see the details of weather because it is linked to the acquisition site.

It is useful if, for example, as follows.
· I want to check the weather forecast without releasing the lock screen at 7:00 every morning.
· I want to see more than one at the same time the weather whether you need an umbrella in the rain.
· I want to make sure to arrive one hour before the weather forecast for the destination.
· I want to check the weather forecast and return flights.

[How to use]
· Please tap the site or get the set time.
- Please select a site area and acquisition time and acquisition announcement.
• Set the data in the registration button.
Weather icon appears in the status bar reaches the set time.
· We delete the data that is set in the Delete button.
· I launch the "Weather Information" when you tap the notification in the status bar.
Weather-open the detail page of each capture site when you tap the weather icon "weather announcement."
-We will get the current weather forecast when you tap the Update button.

[Support] terminal
• Supports terminal equipped with at least version 2.2 of AndroidOS.
-Part, some terminals that do not work properly.
• In some cases the data will not be obtained by the change of the specification of which to get.

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