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    This widget displays the information of a clientraw.txt file generated by the software Weather Display.
    This is NOT an application. This is a widget. You need to add it to your home screen after installing it.

    To use it, your need a personal weather station and a program like Weather Display to generate the file clientraw.txt and upload it to a web server.

    The widget supports 2 types of file: clientraw.txt and yowindow.xml.

    Click the temperature in the upper left corner to configure, click anywhere else to update the display.

    -Temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
    -Wind speed units (kts, m/s, km/h, mph)
    -Barometer(hPa, in/hg)
    -Rain (mm, in)
    -Feels like: Apparent, humidex, windchill, heat index.
    -Background/Text color and transparency
    -Text size
    -Display of an icon for the forecast/current conditions
    -Icon transparency
    -Auto-update when the device is unlocked
    -Periodic update
    -URL of the file to download

    The URL must me a full internet address like

    The small chart behind the temperature is the temperature in the last hour. The limits of the graphic are the hi/lo temperature of the day.

    You can activate a periodic update. It will download only when the screen is ON.

    To discuss about this widget, you can go to the Weather-Watch forum:,54688.0.html

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