Hi, all We are a team of android developers. There are programmers, designers, writers in our team We are producing appications for android right how. We are reseaching this market. We use English, Spanish, Russian languages. Also close to open Chinese brange Total our experience in software developement more then 10 years We are open for cooperation and offers. Sincere Michael Iakushev 1001ma@android.net


    Download Tarot Reading Tarot Reading icon
    Tarot Reading

    The Tarot cards is a window into the future. These readings allow you to peer into the events that lay ahead. 4 simple steps to get your tarot cards reading: 1. Open Tarot application 2. Click "Begin" 3. Choose colors of the day 4. Read the card's meaning The first card covers love-life and relations. The second card reveals the mos…

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    Download Trivia Geography Quiz Trivia Geography Quiz icon
    Trivia Geography Quiz

    Geography Trivia Quiz helps you learn world countries, capitals and flags. Test your knowledge of geography today. Trivia offers questions and answers. You also receive additional information about the countries: - Area - Population - Language The app features a variety of levels and modes: Country by flag Flag by country Country by capital HAv…

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    Download Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller icon
    Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller

    The legendary magic 8 ball fortune teller. This mobile game gives cryptic answers to your questions. 1. Take your mobile device in your palm. 2. Open Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller application. 3. Concentrate on your question. 4. Turn device face down and shake it until it vibrates. 5. Read the answer. You may think this is just a game. Or you may…

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    Download Forex Forecast rates Forex Forecast rates icon
    Forex Forecast rates

    Forecast rates Take advantage of accurate forecasts of Euro, USD, Russian Ruble and Ukrainian Hryvnia! We offer three analytical product: 1. The forecast for the Euro - U.S. Dollar (EUR / USD) 2. The forecast for the USD - Russian Ruble (USD / RUR) 3. The forecast for the USD - Ukraininan Hryvna (USD / UAH) Also, 1. News and events list. News an…

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    Download I Ching reading Book of Change I Ching reading Book of Change icon
    I Ching reading Book of Change

    Fortunetelling using the Book of Changes is a popular way to peer into the unknown that lies ahead. Read for free the I Ching Reading at your phone or tablet. Follow four simple steps to receive an answer to your question: 1. Open application Fortunetelling I-Ching Book of Changes 2. Focus on your question and click the «Go» button 3. Select «And…

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