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Download Sparkle Free Sparkle Free icon

Sparkle Free

Bring back the light, clear all the orbs

Free | 5 7.3K

5 Expert
Download Azkend Free Azkend Free icon

Azkend Free

Reach the temple of time, earn all the talismans

Free | 7 4.9K

7 Expert
Download King Oddball King Oddball icon

King Oddball

Blow up tanks and helicopters, squash puny humans, and collapse massiv...

Free | 8.6 2.7K

8.6 Users
Download Sparkle Unleashed Sparkle Unleashed icon

Sparkle Unleashed

A hidden world of mystery has succumbed to an ominous darkness. Now yo...

Free | 8.4 2.3K

8.4 Users
Download Clowns in the Face Clowns in the Face icon

Clowns in the Face

Clowns in the Face is a physics-based puzzle game with a cute scenery...

Free | 5 1.1K

5 Expert
Download Swingworm Swingworm icon


Climb the highest tree and avoid the big bug and its minions

Free | 9 528

9 Expert
Download Azkend 2 Lite Azkend 2 Lite icon

Azkend 2 Lite

Return to civilization, earn all the talismans

Free | 7 510

7 Expert
Download Heroes of Kalevala Free Heroes of Kalevala Free icon

Heroes of Kalevala Free

Try what it feels like to build your very own village in the magical w...

Free | 8.4 475

8.4 Users
Download Boom Brigade 2 Boom Brigade 2 icon

Boom Brigade 2

Draw the path towards the enemies and protect what's yours

Free | 7 429

7 Expert