• 7.0

    Draw Rider +




    A ride-as-you-can game

  • 7.0

    Draw Rider




    A ride-as-you-can game

  • I'm a Hero




    I'm a Hero game for real men, no discount, one mistake and you're dead! Prove that you are the real hero and be the first on the leaderboard. Features: - Easy control with one finger - Epic Music - Only hardcore!

  • 4 Fingers




    4 Fingers - the game requires a good reaction and nerves of steel. You have to beat the knife between his fingers, and the knife will gradually accelerate, which further complicates the problem. Beware of the knife behaves unpredictably! WARNING! Under no circumstances should you attempt to...

  • Slender




    Slender a terrible walker on the monster called stick insects (Slender Man), who kidnaps people around the world! He is tall and very thin, always wears a black suit with white shirt and tie. His arms were bent at any point, have no joints and can be extended. He has no face. Your task is to...

  • Super Lumberjack




    Jack was living an ordinary woodcutter. But the bad times have come, great angry bunnies attacked. Enslaved all they, and Jack now super lumberjack! You have to chop wood. Do it quickly, that would get more points. Be careful, do not fall an ax on a good rabbit. Otherwise, you lose.

  • Mixel




    To play you need just one finger and a good reaction. Collect as many points by jumping on platforms and collecting various bonuses. The game world is randomly generated, is always something new. Prove that you are the best and share your results with the world! * Xperia PLAY optimized *...

  • Mixel Demo




    Mixel - милый зеленый зверек. Он очень любит кушать, особенно красные сочные яблочки. Однажды проходя мимо фруктового сада, наш храбрый зверек не удержался и полез на дерево за долгожданным сочным плодом, он не знал что это чужие вкусняшки и теперь ему надо убежать от страшной мясорубки, что бы...

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