• 1-Ap Light Sensor




    Light Sensor ( light meter ). Measures ambient light. - You can calibrate it (many devices doesn´t provide measurements in any standard unit). - It shows you maximun,minimum and average measures. - Units: lux (but you can use other units introducing a multiplication factor). It will only...

  • Bubbles & Pets




    Bubbles pop. Burst the bubbles that have pets inside to prevent them going out os the screen! Don´t touch the bubbles with crabs and don´t let pets touch the crabs on the wall, the birds or the extractor fans. If a bubble get freezed, you are going to need 3 taps to pop it. It has two modes:...

  • Musical Instruments Quiz!




    Learn about musical instruments trying to guess its names. Its names and sounds are going to appear when tapping on the images. In the current version you´re going to find these musical instruments: - Spanish guitar - Electric guitar - Bass guitar - Banjo - Piano - Harp - Clarinet - Trumpet...

  • Baby Animals Sound Quiz!




    You´re going to see images of baby animals with their mums and listen their sounds. Try to guess their names too. In this fun app you´re going to find pictures of pets, farm animals and from zoo too. When you tap on the image you´re going to listen the noises and sounds they do, it will show the...

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