2 Man Team

  • Whac A Citizen




    Whac-A-Citizen allows you to smack the Half-Life 2 citizen with a powerful, high-voltage stunbaton! Smack 'em down with this fun application all day long!

  • Combine Soundboard




    <:: Wide variety of Combine Civil Protection sounds! ::> Experience the true meaning of Half-Life 2 MetroPolice. Reenact the City 17 law enforcement with this TERRIFYING sounds! All sounds are copyright to Valve(C).

  • Whac A Friend




    Whac-A-Friend allows you to knock seven kinds out of your mates with a baseball bat, right from your phone! With a 3 easy step program, select the first picture of your mate, and then the second (preferably a mug shot), and then you can start whac'ing them! Also includes a motivational rage...

  • Whac A Bieber




    Give Just Bieber a smack with a baseball bat when using this application! Whack 'em with the bat! This application does not intend to upset or cause trouble directly related to the famous singer 'Justin Bieber'.

  • Zombie Soundboard


    -ZOMBIE SOUNDBOARD- *Wide variety of sounds to choose from *Scare your friends like never before *Authentic undead noises *Constantly updated *Perfect for any scary event *As close as a Zombie you will ever get

  • Ultimate Gun Soundboard


    The Gun Sounds pack includes a variety of authentic weapon sounds, giving you the true experience of being on the battlefield, as well as hi-res pictures of the guns that make the sounds.

  • Troll Master




    Eight visible annoying sounds at your disposal so you can irritate your friends and colleagues to no extent! Features: -Super secret hidden sound. -These sounds are guaranteed to annoy. Massively.

  • TapBeat.


    TapBeat. enables you to set down beats and riffs or simply have fun tapping out your own musical rhythms. Features •Ability to loop sounds •Vast variety of beats to choose from •Easy to use and to have fun with •Constantly updated with new content

  • Military Commands Deluxe


    The Deluxe version of the Military Soundboard provides you with 36 high-quality military voice command sounds. With a strong British accent, this application can prove useful in any situation! -Affirmative -Negative -Go Go Go -Rodger that -Hold Your Fire -Tango Down

  • Military Commands




    !MILITARY COMMANDS! This is a free Military Soundboard, with 22 high-quality, British custom recorded sounds. The application is constantly updated to ensure users get the best experience! If you like it then buy the Deluxe version!

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