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  • ISTQB Mock Exam TestCompetence




    TestCompetence Mobile is a mechanism which allows you to view and answer sample exam questions. Version ISTQB includes all exams with questions from ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) Certified Tester Foundation Level PRACTICE EXAM, Certified Tester Foundation Level...

  • Message Firewall PRO




    Application for blocking unwanted text messages is now available in much improved PRO version. You will get the same experience as in free version extended with following features: - notifications (also with sound/vibrate options) - possibility to move blocked messages from application to your...

  • Message Firewall FREE




    We bring to you Message Firewall - application for blocking unwanted text messages. It is the easiest way to block: - messages from unknown contacts - messages from you mobile operator - spam ads - messages from chosen contacts from your address book - messages from previously defined numbers -...

  • Software Requirements Info




    Software Requirements World Info is a RSS reader of world`s most popular websites devoted to requirements engineering and requirements management.

  • Software Testing World Info




    TestingWorld.Info is a RSS reader of world`s most popular websites devoted to software testing.

  • Body Mass Calculator




    We present to you Body Mass Calculator. This application lets you estimate your future weight and will help you make the decision wether to change something in your lifestyle. It uses mathematical algorithms and short questionnaire to predict how much you will weight considering your current...

  • Quiz Factory




    Answer simple questions: Check your knowledge and learn by having fun! Quiz are divided by categories: "Movies and TV series" "Books and comics" "Geography" "Science and technology" "Moto" "Music" "Politics" "Sport"...

  • testerzy.pl - nowości!




    Bądź na bieżąco z nowościami na testerzy.pl i z informacjami o testowaniu oprogramowania. Aplikacja pokazuje najnowsze artykuły i szkolenia z największego polskiego wortalu dla testerów. Już teraz będąc w ruchu możesz czytać najnowsze publikacje, sprawdzać nowe terminy szkoleń i łatwo nawigować...

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