• Eat the pizza




    Try your hand at eating the pizza. Show the all people how fast you are able to eat the biggest pizza. Just tap and start to eat. Select one from available levels. Play as long as you want to. Beat your highscores. Share your results with friends.

  • co-zagrali.pl




    Jedziesz autobusem lub jesteś w centrum handlowym i usłyszałeś piosenkę, która odrazu wpadła Ci w ucho? Użyj co-zagrali.pl, by dowiedzieć się co to za utwór. Możliwość wyszukiwania utworów granych nawet kilka miesięcy wcześniej oraz zapisywanie utworu, szukanie tekstu, share, youtube. Widget z...

  • Dev-drawable




    Are you an Android developer? Perhaps you know how burdensome is changing the resolution of each image for Android screens. With this application you can scale all your images in a moment. Select a single file or zip pack with all your files and wait a while. All your images will be saved on...

  • Graphic timer




    Graphic timer is a timer which in the graphic way shows how much time left. - Set any ringtone/vibration - Volume up/down for changing time - Change layout-color If you want to set a time, grab a top strip and pull it down. Use STOP button for stopping the timer. After finished countdown the...

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