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Contacts Backup & Export

1] Export contact via pdf (all contact backup & pdf generated) → Export contacts via pdf; this feature allows the users to backup their contacts in a pdf-generated format by exporting them. This feature makes printing easy. 2] Export contact via V-card → Export contact via V-card; this feature allows the users to export their contacts and save…

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Birthday Wishes and Reminders

For those who consider wishing their near and dear ones to on their birthday be pivotally important and always strive to be a perfect picture of innovativeness and creativity, this is the perfect app for you. This app contains a variety of phrases, congratulatory messages, birthday wishes and birthday greetings which ensures that you do not ever ha…

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Motivational Quotes

The world is truly in need of Motivation. It is one aspect of a personality which can push you to do great things; things you never thought you could do. Motivation is one of those few defining aspects of a personality which- when shared help people to achieve things which they did not believe they could do before. An application predominantly tar…

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Download Trivia Buddy Brand & PunchLine Trivia Buddy Brand & PunchLine icon
Trivia Buddy Brand & PunchLine

Trivia Buddy Brand & Punchline is a fun-filled trivia quiz game which progressively gets harder as you go up the levels. This Puzzle Game will test your wits and your IQ as you are asked to identify companies by their Taglines or their Slogans. As you go further up the ladder by giving correct answers and the game’s format starts to change- you…

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Funny PJ

The need for laughter is one which never ceases. And the person who is good at spreading laughter is someone who will always be the life of any party. So with this in mind, we created an application which will provide you with a variety of jokes designed to tickle the funny bone of your group of friends. With free inherently funny jokes and a varie…

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Download Trivia Buddy - Flags Trivia Buddy - Flags icon
Trivia Buddy - Flags

Trivia Buddy- Flags is Flag Quiz Game designed to test your knowledge about the correct association of each country with their individual flag. This Puzzle Game promises to be a mind-bender as it promises to flummox you with a wide range of flags. This Country flag game changes its format as you go up the levels and promises to hold your interest a…

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