• Ottawa Transit




    Ottawa Transit previously known as "My OC Transpo" is a unique transportation App that helps you find your way around Ottawa and the Valley. The App received recognition for the 'Getting Around' category at the Apps4Ottawa contest that ran in February 2011. The many features in...

  • Toronto Transit


    Toronto Transit is a unique transportation App that helps you find your way around the City of Toronto. This App was created based on the success of "Ottawa Transit" App which received recognition for the 'Getting Around' category at the Apps4Ottawa contest that ran in February...

  • Total Recall




    Staying healthy is one of the basic needs for enjoying balanced lifestyle and complete well-being. However, remaining updated and health-safe may sound an impressive idea but it is not an easy job unless you use this app! “Total Recall” is an intuitive safety alert information hub of Canada. It...

  • Canadian Travellers




    Canadian Travellers app created as part of CODE2014 Hackathon. The app aims at informing the Canadian public of issues affecting the security and well-being of Canadians abroad, health notices outlining potential risks to travellers, and providing estimated border wait times when crossing the...

  • Arabic Love Calculator




    The مقياس الحب is a simple app that can be used to find out the match percentage between you and your dream partner. The مقياس الحب results can easily be shared with your friends by clicking on the share button. To use, just fill in the names (Arabic or English) and click on the HEART to...

  • Ottawa Recycle




    Ottawa Recycle is an app that allows Ottawa residents to verify the garbage pick-up schedule in their area. Ottawa Recycle was created as part of the Apps4Ottawa II contest that ran in June 2013. Features: - Uses information (datasets) from the City of Ottawa Open Data catalog - Find your...

  • School Bus Delays In Ottawa




    School bus delays in Ottawa utilizes bus delays posted by the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) website. The app displays the delays in an easy-to-consume format, colors and visual indicators are used throughout to emphasize the importance of the information. ✓ Transportation Status...

  • Arabic RSS




    "بالعربي RSS" is your comprehensive portal of Arabic news right in the palm of your hands! The app works by aggregating news from all the popular Arabic RSS news feeds. You will be able to customize and personalize your favourite Arabic newspaper, TV channel, news agencies with...

  • When is Iftar? / موعد الإفطار؟




    Ramadan Kareem to all. Do you want to track how much left until Iftar time / Sunset? Use this App during the month of Ramadan to find out the Sunset time at your current location! Features: - Display Iftar time at your city - Display countdown timer to Iftar - Display next Iftar time over the...

  • Sunset Finder




    Tour the world and determine the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and all of the moon phases of any location on earth with the use of Google maps. - "A must have for romantics and sunset photographers". - "Excellent tool for planning outdoor activities" Features ✓ Display...

  • My Ottawa City




    Explore the city of Ottawa! - Visualize most of the data sets available from Open Data Ottawa - Access "Ottawa Transit", and "Ottawa Recycle" services This app was created for the Apps4Ottawa contest. *** Requires Google Play services

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