4th Dimension Apps

  • Hydroponics Nutrient Calc


    Hydroponics Nutrient Calculator. will calculate nutrient needs according to growing temperature.if your grow room is in the 80's or more then you will need quite a bit less food or you will suffer high ec levels and poor plant health.dont just guess..enter tank size and growroom temperature...

  • Hydroponics Air Flow Calc




    Hydroponics Air Flow Calculator. will calculate air flow required based on temperature rise you enter the total wattage of lights used and the temperature with the lights off and the maximum temperature when on,The calculator will then work out how much airflow you need and what size fans for...

  • Amsterdam Coffeeshop Map 2011




    Amsterdam Coffeeshops all grouped on a map that can be either viewed online or loaded onto phone for full offline use. you can search for nearby coffeeshops or get full walking directions to any coffeeshop from where you are. you can share your current coffeeshop location to facebook twitter...

  • Weed Exchange Demo




    buy weed when price is low...sell when high...15 seconds demo prices change 5 times a second..are you an uphill gardener?

  • Weed Exchange


    Weed Exchange is like a stock exchange only you trade weed. Buy when low ...sell when high..you only have 60 seconds and the weed prices are changing every quarter of a second so you need to act fast if you want to reach the magic 20,000.

  • LEEDS UTD FIXTURES 2012/2013




    LEEDS UTD FIXTURE LIST 2012/2013 scores added weekly

  • FISHTRADE demo




    In Fishtrade you have to buy fish when their weight is low and sell them when the weight is high. sounds simple but the weights are changing rapidly...... can you reach the magic 20000? you start with 1000 and 60 seconds. you will get a warning with 3 seconds remaining so you have time to press...

  • carp trader


    In Fish trade you have to buy fish while the weight is low and sell them when the weight is high..sounds simple...you only have 60 seconds and the weights change very quickly.you start with 1000 and the magic target is 20000kg...can you reach it??

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