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    Magic Paper Trial

    The Magic Paper possesses magic powers - it can read your thoughts! First of all let yourself be amazed, and then bamboozle all your friends. Magic Paper knows what symbol you are thinking of and makes it appear miraculously. Please mind: This is a trial version that can be used three times.

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    Download Info Style Lite Info Style Lite icon
    Info Style Lite

    Strive for the best! With the beautiful "Info Style" Live Wallpaper you get all the important information at a glance! This cool and stylish Live Wallpaper shows date, time, signal strength and battery status. Note: 5C-Basic Live Wallpapers do also work great with HTC Sense and Motorola Motoblur. Tags: Live Wallpaper, date, time, signa…

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    Download Magic Paper Magic  Paper icon
    Magic Paper

    The "Magic Paper" possesses magic powers - it can read your thoughts! First of all let yourself be amazed, and then bamboozle all your friends. "Magic Paper" knows what symbol you are thinking of and makes it appear miraculously. Tags: mind, reading, magic, trick

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    Download Dream Interpretation Dream Interpretation icon
    Dream Interpretation

    Dream Interpretation explains the meaning of your dreams to you in detail. The wide variety of symbols contained will help you understand the deeper essence of your dream. Dream Interpretation also contains a step-by-step guide of how to keep your dreams in memory long after you awaken.

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    Download SMS Art SMS Art icon
    SMS Art

    Are you looking for a special SMS for someone special? Or how about just sending a funny SMS? If you are fed up with always sending the same SMS text, then get SMS Art und send beautiful, artistic SMS, selecting from a variety of different themes. Love, hate, animals, death, SMS, art, artistic, template, logo, ascii, ansi, text, picture, texting

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    Download SMS Collection SMS Collection icon
    SMS Collection

    Send out Messages of love and hate! No matter if you want to impress your special someone with a romantic message, break up with him/her or send a diss out... SMS Collection has the right message for every person and every situation. diss, love, breakup, message, texting, text

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    Download Mobile Flashlight 2.0 Mobile Flashlight 2.0 icon
    Mobile Flashlight 2.0

    With the mobile flashlight, you can be sure that you will have a brilliant compact light upon demand whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you are trying to find your way around in the dark or want to read under your blanket, with the mobile flashlight you will never be left in the dark again.

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    Download Religion Finder Religion Finder icon
    Religion Finder

    Deciding on a religion is hard work and it's something that should be carefully considered! Whether Jediismus, Voodoo, German Mythology, Rastafari, or one of the world's great religions - Religion-Finder includes more than 20 religions and helps you make a grounded decision. What religions are there and which suit me best? Will I still be a…

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    Download Police Sounds Police Sounds icon
    Police Sounds

    Wouldn't it be amazingly cool to turn your cell phone into a deceptively real-sounding police siren? You can do just that now with Police Sounds! Police Sounds will let your cell phone just like a real police siren. It does not only look like a real siren, but it sure sounds like one! Try it out today!

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    Download Magic Compass Magic Compass icon
    Magic Compass

    A mysterious power field surrounds your cell phone as soon as you launch Magic Compass. You will see that inside this aura, even what seems impossible will be possible. The Magic Compass will capture your energy stream and then it will be able to discover your mysterious secret symbol. You say it's impossible? The Magic Compass will show you! E…

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    Download Professional Stopwatch Professional Stopwatch icon
    Professional Stopwatch

    The professional stopwatch provides precise timing for any purpose. With 99 split or lap times and especially the exact timing of real-time streams and an accuracy of one hundredth of a second, you are ready for any task. The time memory remains intact even after you close the application.

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    Download Diss Master Diss Master icon
    Diss Master

    Are you angry about an smart-alecky squarehead? Don't you know how to tell him or her? When you are missing the words again or you want to bring a little creativity into a barrage of insults, only the Master Diss can help you! More than 81,000 insults at your disposal in five languages leave no doubt about what you think of your opponent. Insu…

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