5C-Basic Distribution

  • Disco Light Premium


    Disco Light is back! Get the new Disco Light Premium and transform every boring party into a mega hit. Lights, colours, strong beats - what more does your party heart long for? Choose from 7 different party modes and rock the house!

  • The Real Love Test


    Find out whether or not your partner really suits you. "The Real Love Test" gives you valuable information about various aspects of your relationship and which areas of your lifestyle fit in together with your partner's. Take the test to finally see it all clearly!

  • The Ultimate Police Sounds




    Steal the show from the police and go on a manhunt, or clear the street and make your way easily through. With "The Ultimate Police Sounds", you'll be sure to get the attention of the crowd. With 8 different police sirens, you'll always have the right choice to create the right...

  • Religion Finder




    Deciding on a religion is hard work and it's something that should be carefully considered! Whether Jediismus, Voodoo, German Mythology, Rastafari, or one of the world's great religions - Religion-Finder includes more than 20 religions and helps you make a grounded decision. What...

  • SMS Collection Lite




    Send out Messages of love and hate! No matter if you want to impress your special someone with a romantic message, break up with him/her or send a diss out... SMS Collection has the right message for every person and every situation. SMS Collection Lite includes seven diss, love and breakup...

  • Mobile Flashlight Deluxe


    With Mobile Flashlight Deluxe you are holding a multifunctional tool in your hands. You bring light into darkness with the hundred thousand times proven torch. In addition, the Mobile Flashlight Deluxe now includes a SOS function as well as an alarm function. You would no more have to stand in...

  • Horror Hypnosis




    Horror hypnosis appears to let you relax with a soothing hypnosis... but beware! Activate the application and let the horror effect begin! At first, deactivate the horror effect and use the hypnosis feature yourself. Next, pass on the mobile phone to an unsuspecting subject and the fun can begin!

  • Police Sounds




    Wouldn't it be amazingly cool to turn your cell phone into a deceptively real-sounding police siren? You can do just that now with Police Sounds! Police Sounds will let your cell phone just like a real police siren. It does not only look like a real siren, but it sure sounds like one! Try it...

  • Party-Chat


    Is it once again too loud in the disco? You are incredibly impressed by the sweet girl at the corner, but you don't know how to tell her this! The hot guy in a crowded train is simply unreachable! Party-Chat makes it finally possible to scroll your message or your status on the phone display...

  • Baby Names




    The name of your child - an important decision in his or her life! With Baby Names, you'll find the suitable name for your offspring - guaranteed! With the assistance of voluminous filter functions, you can browse up to 36'000 names and study the appropriate descriptions. Put the name on...

  • Erotic SMS to Him


    Seduce your boyfriend with the help of an erotic message! Get sparks flying, arouse his fire and discover a new type of seduction. Simply send your boyfriend one of the many messages available and get ready for his reply. You'll be surprised.

  • Info Style Lite




    Strive for the best! With the beautiful "Info Style" Live Wallpaper you get all the important information at a glance! This cool and stylish Live Wallpaper shows date, time, signal strength and battery status. Note: 5C-Basic Live Wallpapers do also work great with HTC Sense and...

  • Magic Compass


    A mysterious power field surrounds your cell phone as soon as you launch Magic Compass. You will see that inside this aura, even what seems impossible will be possible. The Magic Compass will capture your energy stream and then it will be able to discover your mysterious secret symbol. You say...

  • Horror Shock




    Horror has a name and it is only waiting to pounce from your mobile! Lull your friend to feeling safe while concentrating hard on the game and just wait for the horror to begin! Not for the faint-hearted!

  • Magic Paper Trial




    The Magic Paper possesses magic powers - it can read your thoughts! First of all let yourself be amazed, and then bamboozle all your friends. Magic Paper knows what symbol you are thinking of and makes it appear miraculously. Please mind: This is a trial version that can be used three times.

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