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7art Studio

  • Flower Clock Live Wallpaper

    Flower Clock Live Wallpaper




    Choose your favorite blooming flower as symbol of love, peace and infinite beauty! Glorious colors and festive moods are pouring before your eyes and ensure high spirits in everyday life! Сharming flower live wallpaper with animated and photo themes and 24 tender clock flowers. Animated...

  • Fairy Party

    Fairy Party




    Welcome to Fairy Party that drives you into the fantasy space where magical creatures enjoy their lives and share their happiness with all the guests. A real festival of fairy tales unfolds directly before your eyes! You can almost hear jingly sounds of magic instruments filling the air and...

  • Bell Flower Clock Widget

    Bell Flower Clock Widget




    Little flowers want to bloom, on a street and in a room. Time is coming for the joy. Are your ready to enjoy? You can change size of the Bell flower clock widget. Just put it to your home screen and long tap on it to see the resizable border. The widget designed both for Android tablets and...

  • Daisy Sun Flower Clock Widget

    Daisy Sun Flower Clock Widget




    Daisy and Sun flowers are blooming on the face of this joyful clock widget. You can make Daisy Sun Flower Clock widget bigger or smaller if you want. Just put it to your home screen and long tap on it. The widget designed both for Android phones and tablets and contains no ads. Link to alarm...

  • Lilium Flower Clock

    Lilium Flower Clock




    Lively flower clock face will enrich your screen with grace. You will feel the time with joy. It's right moment to enjoy! You can adjust the size of Lilium flower clock widget as you like. Just put it to your home screen and long tap on it to see the resizable border. The widget designed...

  • Pristine Forest

    Pristine Forest




    Welcome to the Pristine Forest, little piece of paradise! Magic place inside a jungle will reveal its great surprise. Carefree birds and happy monkeys are best friends of crocodiles. Get this wonderful wallpaper, you will have a lot of smiles!

  • Cheerful Boats

    Cheerful Boats




    Take a relaxing tropical trip in a company of the Cheerful Boats! Enjoy the natural meditation and calming beauty of natural Kerala landscape! Continue your trip and you can come into the ocean and see graceful green mountain islands. To get even more fun tap on any boat to accelerate it...

  • Serene flower clock HD widget

    Serene flower clock HD widget




    Deep inside our mind there is an ever blooming flower. It always shine with tenderness and makes us feel like home everywhere. We tried to visualize this serene flower and put its tranquility to Android to remind this warm feeling every time we see it. You can resize Serene flower clock widget...

  • Happy Witches

    Happy Witches




    It's right time to fly high in the sky on an aerodynamic broom in a company of black cat or wise owl. Feel delight with free flight by moonlight! Free interactive live wallpaper Happy Witches created to make you feel happiness and harmony every time you see it on your screen. It's great...

  • Skating Club

    Skating Club




    Enjoy the incredible skating experience on the new lovely skating rinks from dusk till dawn! Magic fireflies and air lanterns fly in fabulous space. The great carnival is going to start. Let your imagination take you into bewitching fairy-tale world full of miracles and surprises. You can...

  • Valentine Rink Live Wallpaper

    Valentine Rink Live Wallpaper




    Celebrate your very own Valentine's Day! Add a tint of Love to your Android home screen! Enchanted characters are gliding along a festive Ice Rink. Its Ice is created from magical water. It can reflect real Love and send it back multiplied. Supports both phones and tablets. Features: * Two...

  • Luminescent Jungle HD

    Luminescent Jungle HD




    Be amazed by the incredible beauty of diverse curious plants in day and night light. Watch the fascinating highlight smoothly changing its colors in this amazing live wallpaper. Be at control of how one time of day changes to another. Try transition modes in settings: * Demo mode - for...

  • Treasure Cave

    Treasure Cave




    Deep underground there is a secret cave full of fabulous gnomes that mine treasures and precious gems to handcraft gifts of the highest quality. They gracefully slide on ice surface of the cave. Every year on Christmas Eve Santa Clause visits the treasure cave to meet the magic gnomes and take...

  • Flower Lake

    Flower Lake




    A natural tranquility of secluded forest lake transformed into original art to delight you with cozy beauty and fill your mind with serene calm and delicate pleasure. Watch underwater scenery of your choice in a company of intelligent Koi fishes. Coral Clara, violet Suzanne and orange Mercury...

  • Lotus River

    Lotus River




    Take a deep dive into pure vibrations of divine flower landscape. Fly over the river and enjoy the fantastic mountain areas with great trees and playful waterfalls.   Light your heart with tender glimmer of blooming lotuses in land of leisurely time. Delight in lovely surroundings and feel calm...

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