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Download Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper icon
Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

Skate right into the Christmas with this beautiful winter-themed Live Wallpaper. Featuring several groups of interactive Christmas characters who are gliding along to the softly falling snow at various ice rinks. Take a closer look and you can spot... someone really familiar. Who is it? Santa Clause in a company of joyful children and happy adult…

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Download Flower Clock Live Wallpaper Flower Clock Live Wallpaper icon
Flower Clock Live Wallpaper

Choose your favorite flower as symbol of love, peace and infinite beauty! Glorious colors and festive moods are pouring before your eyes and ensure high spirits in everyday life! Сharming flower clock live wallpaper with animated and photo themes and 26 tender analog clock flowers. Awesome free animated backgrounds inspired by Eurasian nature in…

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Download Cheerful Boats Cheerful Boats icon
Cheerful Boats

Take a relaxing tropical trip in a company of the Cheerful Boats! Enjoy the natural meditation and calming beauty of natural Kerala and Thailand landscapes! Continue your trip and you can come into the ocean and see graceful green mountain islands. To get even more fun tap on any boat to accelerate it instantly! Stunning lotus flowers, tender clou…

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Download Valentine's Rink LiveWP Valentine's Rink LiveWP icon
Valentine's Rink LiveWP

Celebrate your very own Valentine's Day all year round! Add a tint of Love to your Android home screen! Enchanted characters are gliding along a festive Ice Rink. Its Ice is created from magical water. It can reflect real Love and send it back multiplied. Supports both phones and tablets. Features: * Two character sets * 5 background scenery…

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Download Rock Clock Rock Clock icon
Rock Clock

Stylish Rock Clock widget for your android home screen. Includes 10 resizable colorful clocks. Let it Rock with this clock! To install it please open Widgets tab (usually next to Apps) and find Rock Clock there. After that drag and drop it to your home screen. Alternatively you can long tap your home screen, select Widgets, find there Rock Clock a…

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Download Andaman Paradise Andaman Paradise icon
Andaman Paradise

Take a breathtaking trip around tropical Andaman islands! Calming colors of clear blue waters and green mountain peaks will get you into the natural world of happiness and elation. Artistic live wallpaper with bright sunny scenery. By downloading and/or using this mobile application (the “App” or “Service”) you (“You”) accept and agree to be bound…

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Download Aroma Clock Aroma Clock icon
Aroma Clock

Tender flower clock face will delight your phone with grace! Little petals as clock hands make the time and you best friends! The Aroma Clock widget is now resizable. Aroma Clock is also available in Flower Clock live wallpaper: http://bit.ly/flower_clock_lwp To install it please open Widgets tab (usually next to Wallpapers after long tap home s…

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Download Alien Plasma Tunnels Alien Plasma Tunnels icon
Alien Plasma Tunnels

Catch a chance to learn alien secrets traveling through incredible hyperspace Halloween tunnels faster than light. You may encounter inexplicable paradoxes that used to take place in the very first moments of our Universe. Alien Plasma Tunnels 3D is an alien assisted interactive live wallpaper and eye-candy application that will enrich your visua…

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Download Snow Village Live Wallpaper Snow Village Live Wallpaper icon
Snow Village Live Wallpaper

Take a unique chance to watch off-map place where Santa wraps gifts in the company of friendly bears and starts his long-awaited journey! Snow Village, a secret festive base, dazzles with icy beauty while northern lights present rainbows of spirits. Features: * beautiful softly falling snow * a Christmas Tree with an animated garland By download…

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Download Serene flower clock HD widget Serene flower clock HD widget icon
Serene flower clock HD widget

Deep inside our mind there is an ever blooming flower. It always shine with tenderness and makes us feel like home everywhere. We tried to visualize this serene flower and put its tranquility to Android to remind this warm feeling every time we see it. You can resize Serene flower clock widget as you like in many launchers like Nova Launcher, Ape…

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Download Dream Catcher Clock Dream Catcher Clock icon
Dream Catcher Clock

According to the legend the web of dream catcher catches good dreams and they reach the sleeper, while letting bad ones to slip away. The Dream Catcher Clock designed for the same purpose. Moreover it could be used to attract good daydreams and banish bad ones. You can resize the Dream Catcher widget: 1х1, 2х2, 3x4, 4х4. To install it please ope…

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Download Mystic Clock Mystic Clock icon
Mystic Clock

Let Mystic Clock instantly get you into the place of your dreams! * Resizable widget * has 9 clock variants * links to alarm clock * matching wallpaper image here: http://bit.ly/9uyqV9 Buy the "Mystic Clock Collection" to get all 36 of our Mystic Clocks in different colors and sizes, ADS FREE! You can also find the Mystic Clock collec…

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