8D8 Apps

  • Children's Learning Games




    Simple child learning games. It is great for children 1 to 6. Free & No Ads! The "Learn the Letters" game allows users to browse through the alphabet and your child should try to figure out what each letter is. This game is ideal for kids 1 to 4. The "Learn the Numbers"...

  • Drunk Test




    Take this drunk test to see if you are Sober, Buzzed, Drunk or Wasted! The object of the game is to hold the phone as flat and steady as possible. The app will measure your ability to do so and display either Sober, Buzzed, Drunk or Wasted on the screen. You will need to balance the phone as flat...

  • 5.0

    Rap Beats




    Rap Beats allows users to record themselves rapping pro beats

  • Rap Beats Pro




    Record your lyrics to professional rap beats. Make your own lyrics to these beats, record them with the easy to use lyric recording user interface, and play them back. The beats are instrumentals and you will record your own lyrics to the beats. You will need a pair of headphones to record your...

  • Lie Test




    Use this app to detect if someone is lying. The subject must hold the phone and the app measures the shakes in their hand. If their hand starts shaking, the line will start getting larger and turn red. This app is very sensitive to even the slightest hand shakes. If a person's hand starts...

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