• Air Horn FREE




    This is the ultimate attention grabber! Just press the button and watch everyone stop in their tracks. Use it at games, in the club, or just messing around with friends... the possibilities are endless!

  • Easy Button FREE




    Why do things the hard way anymore? It's time to reduce the stress of everyday life with the Easy Button app. Life is easier than you think, so let this app help rid you of any difficulty that clouds your day. That Was Easy!

  • Flashlight FREE




    Add a helpful function to your phone with the Flashlight app. Harness the power of your camera's LED light and don't get caught in a low light situation ever again! For users with older phones, our advanced options also allow you to control the brightness of your screen. Kiss the days of...

  • Mosquito Repellent FREE




    This handy app emits a high-frequency ultra sound inaudible to human ears but designed to quickly repel mosquitos and other insects so you can enjoy the outdoors anywhere, anytime! The perfect solution to safely protect yourself and others while effectively eliminating unwanted pests.

  • Whoopee Cushion FREE




    Perfect for practical jokes, use this modern Whoopee Cushion app to trick and embarrass friends, family, and other unsuspecting victims with a number of hilarious sounds and realistic farts to choose from. Instantly turn your phone into a laugh-making Whoopee Cushion... it's a real gas!

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