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  • IPhone 4S - SMC (BETA!)

    IPhone 4S - SMC (BETA!)




    Internal testing version, Internal testing version. Detect sale opening of Iphone 4s in SMC website. This app do not work as expected, do not download unless invited.

  • iphone 5 hk web ordering check

    iphone 5 hk web ordering check




    detect if HK apple web store open iphone 5 for ordering

  • iPhone 4S 開賣偵測

    iPhone 4S 開賣偵測




    IFC 新訂法, 人人有機會: 買部機都要排幾日隊, 真係有冇搞錯呀. 為有係網上APPLE STORE訂呀, 但又唔知幾時開賣. 所以寫左個APP, 幫下自己又幫下大家. 4號都係靠佢先訂到. **偵測密度最低為1 分鐘, 設定為0分鐘會停止偵測.請註意** 此版會偵測 IFC 是否有pre-order(贊助者先可啟用此功能.) IFC pre-order 真係搵人笨,一分鐘都唔夠就冇左,ID都入唔切, 點訂呀?? 此軟件原理為每X分鐘去APPLE網頁,...

  • What is my IP?

    What is my IP?




    A tiny app to show your internal and external IP. You ask what is the different of internal and external IP and why is there 2 IP address. The reason is that your wifi/operator may give you a internal private IP address (The IP adress space is running out!!) but if you need to communicate with...

  • SMS Forwarding

    SMS Forwarding


    SMS Forwarding to another mobile and email! With this little app, you can forward your incoming SMS to another predefined mobile or email. Simple and elegant. Asian Language is supported (not much can do this in the market)!! I know some operators/countries already have SMS forwarding in the...

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