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  • Sudoca




    Capture sudoku from camera. Create sudoku game after recognition. You can play sudoku or solve it.

  • Photo of the day




    Best photos from Fotki.Yandex and other services will be Live wallpaper on your phone or tablet. Every day once an hour the program checks for new photos . If there is a new picture, it is downloaded and set as wallpaper. You can use widget to download photos you like on your device. This live...

  • I need a job - jobs from hh.ru




    Search for jobs on hh.ru For search jobs using API site HeadHunter. You can respond to a vacancy. To preview the job does not require internet. Program review http://blog.hram0v.com/2012/05/ishhu-rabotu-poisk-vakansiy-na-sayte-headhunter/ Features: - Displays the job on a map (if information is...

  • Povarenok - catalog of recipes




    Russian recipes from website http://www.povarenok.ru/ Quick Search of recipe with a brief description and a list of ingredients. After choosing a recipe it is possible to visit the website http://www.povarenok.ru/ Review app:...

  • DubVip - dubstep player




    Audio player for the band website dedicated vkontakte music genre dubstep. Every day on the group's wall http://vk.com/dubvip users post lists of selected DubSTep. Player filters unnecessary messages and displays only the selections. Listen to the song are cached and re-listen does not need...

  • 3Pod - learn foreign languages




    Effective learning foreign languages ​​using audio podcasts. The program uses the technique of repetition interval, which is based on the repetition of memorized learning material for certain, the ever-increasing intervals. This principle is widely used in the study of foreign languages. The...

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