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  • 2012 New Year ringtones

    2012 New Year ringtones




    2012 First wish you all a Happy New Year ringing Happy New Year 2012! 2012, we accompany you through! This is a ringing sound box, the main recommendation of the few classic New Year music ringtones, P3 downloads, inside contains a variety of ring tones. Direct download! You can frequently...

  • Ringing sound exotic

    Ringing sound exotic




    Exotic tone sound * Press and hold the icons! Function with the ring shear * Including 100 exotic and traditional ring! * Easy to use UI * Set to ring, notification, warning, and assigned to contacts. The voice of these peoples to enjoy! Keywords: cell phone ring tones, exotic ringtones,...

  • Beauty Link Up Activity

    Beauty Link Up Activity




    Beauty Link Up Activity a stand-alone game, casual puzzle entertainment, I hope you like it. Rules of the game: the need to find two beautiful picture for the same connection, but this connection is to avoid the other, after pattern, showing the path to no more than two turns Clearance Bonus:...

  • Super ringtones making tools

    Super ringtones making tools




    Hello, I now introduce you to my software, first of all, my software is divided into three sections First, my ring. It can automatically search your phone for all audio files, click the ringtone, can play ringtones, edit ringtones, set ringtones, contact ringtone settings, set the alarm, set the...

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