• Yandex.Music




    Discover new music every day with the redesigned Yandex.Music app. Using our free personalized recommendations, you will find even more interesting music that you can listen to for free. Discover New Music - Personalized recommendations let you listen to several hours of free music every day....

  • Yandex.Taxi




    The Yandex.Taxi app is a quick and easy way of ordering a taxi. Cars are normally dispatched within 7 minutes and you can track their location on the map in real time. Features: - Order a cab without calling the dispatcher – your order is sent directly to the drivers in your area so they reach...

  • Yandex.Translate




    This app lets you translate words, phrases, and even whole texts from English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian to Russian and back without an internet connection. You will need to download the appropriate languages and enable offline-mode in Settings to use this function. If you’re...

  • Yandex.Mail




    Take advantage of all Yandex.Mail features with your phone. Send messages no matter where you are. Get push notifications about new mail. With the Yandex.Mail app you can: - send and receive messages with attachments; - use push notifications so you no longer have to check your mail manually; -...

  • Yandex.Market




    Yandex.Market is your mobile consultant for products and prices. In the Yandex.Market catalog you will find the widest selection of products ranging from kitchen utensils and children's toys to auto parts and air conditioners. Select important filters and the app itself will choose an...

  • Yandex.Search




    No matter where you are, whether it be at home, the café, away for the weekend or just at the cinema, the Yandex Search app has the answer. Type your questions or use the voice search feature. The app will show instant answers to popular mobile searches such as: maps to the nearest café or ATM,...

  • Yandex.Browser




    Yandex.Browser is a simple and convenient program for both browsing the internet and speeding up how fast pages and videos load. The browser’s Turbo mode significantly speeds up the downloading of not only webpages, but also videos. Watch video clips instantly and without interruption. Browser...

  • Яндекс.Транспорт




    Приложение показывает на карте движение автобусов, троллейбусов, трамваев, маршрутных такси и прогнозирует их прибытие. Больше не придётся гадать на остановке, сколько ещё ждать нужного транспорта — можно сразу узнать, где он находится и когда приедет. Если вы оказались в незнакомом месте,...

  • Yandex.Navigator




    Yandex.Navigator helps you find the best routes through traffic. The app paves the way for drivers, taking into account traffic jams and road events in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Turkey. Yandex.Navigator dictates in advance when and where you need to turn, both visually on-screen and with voice...

  • Яндекс.Браузер Beta




    Узнавайте о новых возможностях Яндекс.Браузера первыми — тестируйте новые версии приложения до их официального появления. Внимание! Бета-версия может работать нестабильно и предназначена для опытных пользователей, готовых сообщать об ошибках и проблемах. Отправлять отзывы можно через меню...

  • Yandex.Disk




    Yandex.Disk is a free cloud storage service that gives you access to your photos, videos and documents from any internet-enabled device. Download the app to your phone or tablet and you'll literally be able to carry your files with you everywhere. - Transfer data from your cell phone to...

  • Yandex.Money




    Yandex.Money on your phone is a quick way to pay for cell phone services, the internet, utility services, etc., at any time. Install the app, register, and start shopping! If your balance is too low to make a payment, just link any VISA or MasterCard to your account. This will let you pay through...

  • Yandex.Maps




    Yandex.Maps helps you feel at home anywhere. The app has detailed maps of most of the world’s cities and a thorough business directory. It can plan routes for both automobiles and public transport to bypass traffic jams. More than 300 cities are available offline with Yandex.Maps. See the world...

  • Yandex.City




    Yandex.City helps you search for and select places to go in your city. No matter what you're looking for – be it beauty salons that offer massages, 24-hour pharmacies, or even karaoke bars – this app will help you find the right place. The best places closest to you Tell us where you want to...

  • Яндекс.Events




    «Официальное мобильное приложение конференции Yet another Conference (Яндекс).»

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