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  • Assistive Touch

    Assistive Touch




    White Point Toolbox, floating on the desktop shortcut wizard. Features: 1, the main screen Easy to return to the main screen 2, the commonly used functions Easy to use common software and contacts 3, the tool Fast management system: Mute / unmute switch Flight Mode switch Mobile network...

  • App Lock Free

    App Lock Free




    Brief introduction of the program encryption As the cell phone has been used as the very common private communication tool, privacy has been the most important problem. The program encryption will keep you away from the annoyance of the privacy leak, and it’s your good weapon to protect you...

  • 卓大师验机助手





    非常实用的一款工具小软件,卓大师荣誉出品。 产品功能: 1.提供手机验真假、验翻新的功能,更有防盗绑定的强大功能. 2.提供产地查询功能,可以查询到生产日期,保修时间,产地等信息。 3.提供手机硬件的自动和手工检测,扫描硬件问题。 4.提供手机回收价格评估,查查自己的手机还值得多少钱。 5.生成产地,硬件质量和估价等验机报告。可以作为二手机交易的重要依据。 使用场景: 是否还在担心自己买到的是山寨机? 是否担心买到的手机硬件有问题,全面的检测一下吧。 特别是买二手机,担心价格亏了!担心机器是假的,买卖缺乏参考依据。 二手机买卖选卓大师验机助手,验机报告让人买的放心! 软件特色:...

  • Assistive Touch Pro

    Assistive Touch Pro




    Super white dots ROOT version of the Super white spots white spots toolbox. White spots aids, there are not many of your imagery functions: the perfect virtual keys, the total liberation of the physical keys; convenient shortcuts, saving time and effort a key to solve; practical management tools,...

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