A Walking City

  • 100filters





    100 fun and unique (for the most part) photo filters. Straight forward and fast, 100filters will take your images to the next level. Combine multiple filters to create strange works of art. Use images from your gallery or other apps and share images with applications like Facebook, Twitter,...

  • Mirrord Picture Reflection

    Mirrord Picture Reflection




    Use Mirrord to capture pictures with 11 different mirror reflections in real-time or pick an existing picture to apply mirror filters to. Once an image is captured you can adjust the location of the mirror "reflection" as well as change which mirror filter is applied. You can then...

  • Monkey Fill Free

    Monkey Fill Free




    Monkey Fill is a fun and addicting physics game! The goal is to fill 60% screen up with monkeys while avoiding the bouncing green balls which are added each level. Hold down and drag your finger to grow monkeys and dodge green balls. Free version now lets you play all 30 levels!

  • Tap Fighter

    Tap Fighter




    An Intense Multiplayer Game. See who amongst your friends can tap the fastest, then listen to a hilarious audio replay of your match! The rules are simple, press Start, wait for the countdown to reach 0, then tap as fast as you can on your side of the screen. The winner is the first to have his...

  • Cloud Writer Free

    Cloud Writer Free




    Enjoy writing and doodling in the sky with clouds that float and dissipate away. Works best if you move slowly across the screen. -Press the menu button to take a picture and share it with your friends -Added Background Color Support -Ad supported version, "Cloud Writer" for $0.99...

  • 3D Cube Live Wallpaper

    3D Cube Live Wallpaper




    A simple demo Live Wallpaper that renders a colorful rotating cube. Go to settings to create a custom color scheme. Batteries beware! -Added ability to change background color Version 1.1: -Added size and speed settings

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