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  • 100filters




    100 fun and unique (for the most part) photo filters. Straight forward and fast, 100filters will take your images to the next level. Combine multiple filters to create strange works of art. Use images from your gallery or other apps and share images with applications like Facebook, Twitter,...

  • Img2Wear Wearable Prototyping




    Quickly push images from any source on your phone to your Android Wear device. Useful for prototyping interfaces before coding! Vertical scroll through long interfaces to test things like text size color and readability as well as image clarity. Draft up Watch Faces and test readability live...

  • Instant For Android Wear




    Instant lets you quickly browse your Instagram feed from you Android Wear watch! 1 Simply launch the app on your phone and log into your account 2 "Ok google, Start Instant" to open the Instant app on your watch 3 Enjoy your feed straight from your watch! * Double tap to like...

  • Mirrord Picture Reflection




    Use Mirrord to capture pictures with 11 different mirror reflections in real-time or pick an existing picture to apply mirror filters to. Once an image is captured you can adjust the location of the mirror "reflection" as well as change which mirror filter is applied. You can then...

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