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Hallow Candle Co.

Located at 33rd and O St. in Lincoln, Nebraska, Hallow Candle Co. specialized in natural Soy Candles, Goats Milk Soaps, and Spa Products. Come check out the store for a truly unique and local experience. In addition to our own products you can browse local artwork, jewelry and greeting cards!

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500 Jigsaw Puzzles

a1APPS Jigsaw Puzzles v11 incorporates all of the ideas and suggestions that we have received from our growing base of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. We're still adding new puzzles to our online library and v7.0 has access to an ever expanding list of interesting and challenging puzzles. Even more exciting, with a1APPS Jigsaw Puzzles v11, here…

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Download Estimate Home Improvement Cost Estimate Home Improvement Cost icon
Estimate Home Improvement Cost

If your remodeling, adding on, or repairing your home, this calculator is a very useful estimating tool. Input distances in feet and inches to calculate lengths, areas, volumes, and hypotenuses (to square your deck/slab). Enter a unit cost to estimate the cost of construction and finishes. Easy to use and great for DIY.

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Download Marble Solitare Marble Solitare icon
Marble Solitare

Jump marbles to the open spot, leave one marble to win. Five game boards are provided to offer an entertaining and challenging game experience. Appropriate for all ages and skills.

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Download Residential Contractors Calc Residential Contractors Calc icon
Residential Contractors Calc

A feet and inches calculator for residential builders. An ideal tool to have in the field for home improvement, additions, and remodel projects. Enter distances in feet and inches, including fractions. Calculate lengths, areas, volumes, and hypotenuses (to square the slab or deck). Uses a virtual tape, calculates cost!

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Download Contractor's Calculator Contractor's Calculator icon
Contractor's Calculator

This calculator allows contractors to estimate lengths, areas, volumes, and hypotenuses quickly, even while in the field. Enter a unit cost to estimate the construction cost. A virtual tape stores distances as they're entered to allow for fast revisions and updated totals. Quickly convert between units of measure.

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Download Memory Card Game Memory Card Game icon
Memory Card Game

This is a classic card game, we call it MEMORY. Deal the cards face down, match pairs of cards until all card pairs are found. We use the joker as a wild card. Find a joker and the next card revealed is a match. Even better, the game finds the remaining cards and matches them as well. Scoring: Pairs / Peeks = Percent.

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Download Imperial Units Calculator Imperial Units Calculator icon
Imperial Units Calculator

Imperial Units Calculator, for lengths, areas, volumes, and hypotenuses in Imperial Units of measure. Has a virtual tape to allow revisions to your dimensions. Enter feet and inches with decimals or fractions. Display results are always in fractions (just like architectural drawings). Input unit costs to calculate cost.

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Download a1APPS 9Tiles a1APPS 9Tiles icon
a1APPS 9Tiles

Classic 9 Tile Puzzle game that can be easily customized to use photos from your personal gallery. This game is easy to learn and play and is appropriate for all ages.

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Download Classic Concentration Game Classic Concentration Game icon
Classic Concentration Game

Improve your memory skills with this classic single player card game called Concentration. Cards are shuffled and dealt face down. Match pairs and try to remember card locations. The game is scored Pairs / Peeks = Percent. Improve your score and your memory as you enjoy this casual and fun game. Suitable for all ages.

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Download Feet and Inches Calculator Feet and Inches Calculator icon
Feet and Inches Calculator

Calculate lengths, areas, volumes, and hypotenuses in feet and inches. This calculator accepts input in feet and inches, with fractions. Units of measure include inches, feet/inches, yards, and miles. Convert Square Feet to Square Yards, Square Miles, and Acres. Enter a cost per unit to calculate costs.

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Download Architect Design Estimating Architect Design Estimating icon
Architect Design Estimating

This is an imperial units calculator (feet and inches) for architects. Calculate lengths, areas, hypotenuses, and simple volumes. Add a unit cost to estimate the cost of construction, remodel, or room finishes. Convert easily between imperial units such as square feet and square yards, or feet and inches and miles.

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