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    Mood Light

    Color changeable custom candle lets you control how big you want the flame. Mood light toggle lets you set the phone down and enjoy a light show all for free. Included now is a sleep timer if you want to set the device to close the app on it's own. Also included is a short time waster game since some reviewers seemed to think the original wa…

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    Download Slot Madness Slot Madness icon
    Slot Madness

    A simple slot machine game for the ambitious ones.

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    Download Slot Madness Slot Madness icon
    Slot Madness

    Feel like you're at the casino with a real HD slot machine game that will reel you in. Unlock achievements and play any of 5 machines while also unlocking new slots and styles! Try to get global ranking as you try to build your wealth. Slot Madness is just in the infant stage as I bring it to the most comprehensive full casino experience on the…

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    Download Reel Slot Fever Reel Slot Fever icon
    Reel Slot Fever

    Reel Slot Fever is my newest slot machine app to hit the market. Completely FREE, just like Slot Madness was, but at the ground floor. Try your luck as I slowly begin to add machines and make it better! Reel Slot Fever features games you are familiar with. Five wide slots, some cascading, and more coming. Try to get on our top 50. Enjoy! Ree…

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    Download Space Quest Alpha Space Quest Alpha icon
    Space Quest Alpha

    Space Quest Alpha is a vertical scroller where you are exploring the outer reaches of the universe. Stunning graphics allow you to immerse as you travel through space and blast through meteors, avoid mines, collect minerals, and battle enemy ships. Watch for powerups and avoid debris. Use the accelerometer to control your ship and touch the scre…

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    Download Perspective Lite Perspective Lite icon
    Perspective Lite

    Added pinch zoom and better control! Probably the most advanced photo editor on Android in many ways. Allows full size or near full editing photos. Make photos that look just as good on your computer as they do on your device. Only editor on the market that allows you to skew your photos. Fully custom matrix style filters allow a completely en…

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    Download Laser Maze Lite Laser Maze Lite icon
    Laser Maze Lite

    Laser Maze will test your brain as you try and reflect your way to victory! Use bombs to nullify mirrors and make your laser hit the targets. I set up an Angry Bird style menu with a stars so it is familiar with everyone. Can you get 3 stars on every level? Level 1 is available while I work on the rest. Please report if you have any issues so…

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    Download Spy Jumper Spy Jumper icon
    Spy Jumper

    You are a secret agent driving a car equipped with the ability to jump at will. Drive countless missions as you try to uncover secret power ups and unlockable items. Discover one of the most unique vertical scrollers on the android market. Spy Jumper features an upgrade-able car with various power ups to help you throughout your missions. Imm…

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    Download Baby Be Calm Lite Baby Be Calm Lite icon
    Baby Be Calm Lite

    Let your child relax and enjoy peace and quite with Baby Be Calm. Simple white noise generator with color changing screen and animals. Baby Calm also lets you select the color for background. Sneak preview of the new Baby Be Calm full app includes an ocean scene with fish floating by a calming reef. Bubbles float up making you feel like you ar…

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    Download Bowling Stat Master Bowling Stat Master icon
    Bowling Stat Master

    Simple interface and advanced features all at your fingertips. Heat maps show your relation to your current averages. Bowling Stat Master tracks your lifetime top 10 and averages, open play top 10 and averages, and league top 10's and averages. It also tracks your last 10 bowling games to compare with your average to check for trends. Track…

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    Download Baby Be Calm Baby Be Calm icon
    Baby Be Calm

    Want to occupy your baby, put them to sleep, or just relax on your own. You've come to the right place!!! You and your baby can relax to soothing ocean sounds, white noise, water running, and even a heartbeat while watching fish swim by or animals float by. Baby will enjoy the colorful screen images and it even has a built in timer that auto…

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    Download Soccer Stat Master Soccer Stat Master icon
    Soccer Stat Master

    This is a basic/normal/advanced stat tracker to keep up with teams,games, and player stats. Enter an infinite amount of teams, players (player names and numbers), and games. They are stored in a database and can be accessed any time on your phone. Stat Master is a quick way to score a game while coaching and can be set to record more detailed d…

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