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IndiaJokes - the funniest latest jokes collection. Unlike other joke apps, which may try to attract you with the quantity of jokes, IndiaJokes contains only funnies jokes, that have been deemed worthy of a laugh. IndiaJokes is collection of Santa-Banta, India-Family, Youth jokes.

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Mart of Images

Mart of Images unveils itself as your new mart/bazaar with an exhibition of attractive Indian images, suiting your specific requirements. Advertisers, who are scouting for high quality Indian stock images can explore this vast collection and adorn their ads with extraordinary imagery, matchless graphics, artwork and illustrations. Likewise, compani…

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Apple Collector

Its a simple Android game with a lots of fun. The aim of player is to collect apples in the basket falling from the apple tree . If you have collected sufficient amount of apple before count-down reach to 0 then you can move to next level. This game contains 3 levels. In each level falling speed of apples are increase. If you have crossed all le…

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Dummy Flash Game

This game is for dummy/testing purpose.. Original will be released shortly...

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Dummy level 2

This app is for testing purpose only. This app is for testing purpose only.

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