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  • Dog Raw Diet Calculator

    Dog Raw Diet Calculator




    The ideal app for dog owners with an interest in raw diets (such as BARF) What is special about the app? Just one thing - this is the very first dog diet calculator ever that actually does what it says on the tin. You can now feed your dog with high quality raw food spending a minute per week...

  • Green Moon Multiplayer

    Green Moon Multiplayer




    Simple, fast and exiting multiplayer game. Four people in the same galaxy, fighting for ultimate domination. Easy to learn, hard to master. Quick and easy tutorial will help you get started against simple AI. But this is just worm-up. Get into REAL action through MULTIPLAYER game. If you...

  • Last Bullet

    Last Bullet




    Thank all of you who gave us 5 stars and warm comments :) We are preparing FREE package with new guns for you! Few more days! WARNING This is BETA version, so it could crash on some phones. Sorry about that... Really. We are getting all error reports and working HARD to fix it. So please,...

  • Last Bullet Money Pack

    Last Bullet Money Pack


    This is money pack for Last Bullet game. Enjoy 250.000 Last Bullet Dollars

  • Mosquito Repellent

    Mosquito Repellent




    The app play sounds that the insects dislike. Or at least should dislike. Those are natural mosquito predators sounds. Dragonfly, frog, bat, scary 18 kHz and 22 kHz. To top it all, just today we have also our superior flamenco sound to kill mosquitos on the spot! (OK, just kidding about...

  • Magic Owl Free

    Magic Owl Free




    Fly huge magical owl and fight nightmares. Beautiful and relaxing side-scrolling game.

  • Magic Owl

    Magic Owl




    Fly huge magical owl and fight nightmares. Beautiful and relaxing side-scrolling game.

  • Dog Whistle

    Dog Whistle




    Train your dog with silent whistle. Easy and nice app

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