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Graffiti Tag Marker

Design cool graffiti, bombing, tagging, painting, street art on your phone! Graffiti tag marker is an intuitive, multitouch, pressure-sensitive drawing app that emulate graffiti ink strokes! With great tips and flow, choose your favourite nib; slim, mop or jumbo and get creative! Pro version now available! $0.99 ( Ad-free + New drip effects) http:…

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Sketch O Paint Free

Sketch-o-paint is an unique drawing application designed for Android smartphones and tablets. Discover a set of intuitive painting brushes and create great ink / line / art than you can share. Features: ✓ Preset Brushes ✓ Ink wash brush ✓ Pressure sensitivite ✓ Full Screen work space ✓ Save sketches / ink painting to the Gallery on your device an…

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Download Calligraphy HD Calligraphy HD icon
Calligraphy HD

Calligraphy HD comes with a choice of four nibs and brushes, simply select your favourite tool and instantly vary nib thickness, stroke texture and pen angle. You can use the “eraser” to undo your previous stroke, or wipe the screen clean with a single click. You can also choose from a variety of backgrounds, including parchment and save your artwo…

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Download Doodle Drawing Doodle Drawing icon
Doodle Drawing

Doodling is a great way to pass the time and take notes, it can help you improve your artistic skills and develop some fun ideas too. Choose a marker, Relax and let your finger or stylus do the thinking! - Click the camera icon to save into photo gallery of your device - 3 black markers + spraycan

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Download Brush Pen Brush Pen icon
Brush Pen

The versatility of a paintbrush with the convenience of a pen on your tablet! Create fine to broad lines within a single stroke. A great tool for all kinds of line work, including sketching, line-and-wash, cartoons, lettering, Manga-art and Oriental calligraphy. Premium & Advertisement free version is now available follow this link : http://b…

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Download Graffiti HD Graffiti HD icon
Graffiti HD

Express yourself with GRAFFITI HD, Create tags & Graffiti art on your phone and share them with the world. Application Now FREE!

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Download Manga drawing Pen Manga drawing Pen icon
Manga drawing Pen

Manga Drawing Pen is a set of art markers pens for anime / Manga comics drawing. Discover a selection of calibrated tips perfect for inking and drawing! - One click screen grab button allows to save your art directly to the photo gallery of your device - One click undo to go back a step while drawing - One click refresh button to re-start!

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Download Art Brush Free Art Brush Free icon
Art Brush Free

Art Brush is a unique painting tool. Create painting in black or blue inkwash ! With an uncluttered and simple to navigate User interface, Art Brush is the perfect companion for creative fun or concept, sketch work. - 5 pre-set brushes - Fountain Pen - Save painting to your gallery and share!

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Download World History Timeline World History Timeline icon
World History Timeline

Take a journey through the story of mankind and learn history like never before! A fun and educational app that addresses key areas of the school history curriculum, from the beginning of life on Earth through to the 20th century. NEW! The Vikings http://bit.ly/1xd5yYW NEW! The Romans http://bit.ly/1H1T3FA NEW! WW1 http://bit.ly/1fQDgKz Each…

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Download Paint N' Squeeze N' Drip Paint N' Squeeze N' Drip icon
Paint N' Squeeze N' Drip

Tag it! Graff it ! Squeeze it! Drippy Mop markers for Graffiti art on your phone - 4 markers sizes for the perfect drips! - Save your art on your image library

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