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  • MyFitness Calculator BMI IIFYM

    MyFitness Calculator BMI IIFYM




    MyFitness calculator is simple application for your entire daily fitness requirement (Calorie and Nutrition).The fastest and easiest way to use Calorie and Nutrition intake calculator for Android. MyFitness calculator Includes:- • TDEE Calculator = (Total Calories intake calculator ) How many...

  • Proxy Browser For Android

    Proxy Browser For Android




    If you're wondering how to browse blocked Websites at school, work, or the library, or anywhere protected by a firewall then you've come to the right App. ✡✡100% compatible with Facebook mobile and Twitter mobile. Note:Video playback and downloading is not currently supported. ✡ With...

  • 3D Sounds illusion

    3D Sounds illusion




    ✡✡✡ Please Use Headphones to get Full effect.✡✡✡ Amazing 3D Sounds effects, Tricking Your Mind To See Alternate Realities. Listen the 3D sounds in headphone and it will surprise you with the virtual real experience. ✡ Hold down any button to save as ringtone or Set as default Notification...

  • Fitness Calculator

    Fitness Calculator




    Fitness calculator is simple application for your entire daily fitness requirement (Calorie and Nutrition) and fitness calculator will help serious bodybuilder to any fitness enthusiast +Navigate easily with the intuitive interface My fitness calculator Includes:- + BMI Index Calculator +...

  • Sound Ringtones HD

    Sound Ringtones HD




    Sound Effect Ringtone HD Sound Effects Ringtones HD contains HD quality sounds effects and ringtones. ✡ HD quality, 50+ sound effects compilation. What does this sound effects application have? ✡✡All kinds of Sound effects & ringtones to be used as SMS sounds,ringtone, or notification....

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