Abhishek Pandravada

  • Maths Tables

    Maths Tables


    Maths Tables is an application which will make learning tables easier.Tables are generally used in mathematical calculations and to be known before performing so made an application which makes it better to learn tables and also practice it within the app. Features: 1) Can read tables from 1 -...

  • Learn 123

    Learn 123


    Learn 123 is an application which will make learning numbers easier. Numbers are the basics in maths and also numbers are useful in day to day life Learn 123 application will make it easy to learn numbers. Any Suggestion or if you find any errors in app feel free to mail me with your device...

  • Learn ABC

    Learn ABC


    Learn ABC is an application which will make learning alphabets easier. Alphabets are made easy and interesting to learn through this application, Upper case letters and Lower case letters are given in the application. You can listen to alphabets when you click on the alphabets. Any Suggestion...

  • Types Of Numbers

    Types Of Numbers


    Types Of Numbers is an application which will it easier to know about types of numbers according to their usage.This is quite confusing every time so made an application which will make a clarity in usage of numbers according to specific formats.These application gives you a basic description of...

  • Calculator



    This is a simple Calculator app which has clear display and basic functionality, this Calculator app will give user a friendly environment where user can easily use it.This app is designed such that every one can use it. Any queries send me mail

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