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    Voice to Text

    Voice to Text converts user voice into text and can use it in any app.Using this app is very simple and easy. Features: 1) Input text through voice. 2) Share inputted text to any app. Any Suggestion or if you find any errors in app feel free to mail me with your device details so that we can rectify it.

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    Download Smart Note Smart Note icon
    Smart Note

    Smart Note is a application which make your notes easier to write you can simply write notes and this notes will be saved in form of text-files in SD-card in text format. From that folder in SD-card you can add text files or can share text files to another devices and pc. --> Can create a text file --> Update a text file --> Delete a…

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    Download Secure Contacts Secure Contacts icon
    Secure Contacts

    Secure Contacts will give the user freedom of saving the contacts securely within your device using this app your contacts are protected with a password.Storing contacts securely is easier with this app. Features 1) Can store Contacts 2) Can call Contacts using your default call application or any other installed call application 3) Can send mess…

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    Download Kids Colors Kids Colors icon
    Kids Colors

    Kids Colors is designed for easy and interesting way of learning colors for kids.UI is designed such that it appears easy to use for any user.Colors will never be difficult to remember for kids using this app. Features: 1) Can listen and read names of the color. 2) Easily remember using color box. Also you can refer help module for understand…

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    Download Image Editor Image Editor icon
    Image Editor

    Image Editor is a simple photo editing app which will let you make simple changes to your image.Usage of this app is very simple. Features: 1) Rotate image 2) Resize image according to user requirement 3) Crop image according to requirement 4) Mirror your image and save mirrored image. Refer help for any information regarding each module. After…

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    Download Battery Info Battery Info icon
    Battery Info

    Battery Info gives user a clear information regarding status of the battery.And also various other information's which will be helpful for user to know regarding the health of their battery. It is designed in simple way, a user can easily use this app Features 1) Displays remaining charge level. 2) Temperature of the battery 3) Voltage, Sc…

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    Download Learn ABC Learn ABC icon
    Learn ABC

    Learn ABC app will make learning alphabets easier. Alphabets are made easy and interesting to learn through this app. Upper case letters and Lower case letters are given in the application. Features 1) A-Z alphabets are given with simple one word examples. 2) Both Upper case and Lower case letters are made available. 3) Can listen to alphabets…

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    Download Calculator Calculator icon

    Calculator is a an application which is used for maths calculations. It is designed in a simple and efficient way so that every one can easily use it.It has got simple arithmetic operations like + (Addition), - (Subtraction), * (Multiplication), / (Division). Any queries send me mail.

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