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HighLight turns your phone into a flashlight, stroboscope and morse code flasher. The stroboscope flashes continuously with a 50/50 duty cycle. The morse code flasher takes the user-entered message and flashes it once or repeatedly. The speed of the stroboscope and the morse code flasher can be chosen in steps. The app works on phones with a ca…

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Twitizer Uploader

Share your experiences with Twitizer Uploader! Twitizer Uploader makes it very easy to tweet photos, audio and long messages, making the Twitter experience much more fun and expressive. Go beyond short text tweeting at your favorite artist's concert, your family vacation on the beach, your bachelor party, your wedding, your vacation trip, you…

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Abiro Converter

Welcome to Abiro Converter! Introduction Abiro Converter supports many common and not so common conversions (more than 1700), as well as basic mathematical operators and calculation of formulas enabling use as a basic calculator as well. You can also create your own conversions via Custom, that way extending the range of Converter's capabilit…

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RaveGlow - Express Your Ecstasy! Become the center of attention at the rave, the bar, the pub or generally out on the town... Just touch the screen and select from the many colorful light effects. The backlight is kept on continuously. For a better effect, increase the brightness via Android's Settings / Display / Brightness. Rave on... Av…

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CliqTags NFC Writer

This NFC writer is specifically intended to write NFC tags for use with CliqTags (http://cliqtags.com). It's been made very easy to use for that application. (We now also provide a generic variant called Abiro NFC Writer) It will format the tag before use, if necessary. It also supports write-protecting a tag to avoid over-writing of content.…

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CliqTags Beacon Reader

Get context-relevant deals and information on your phone anywhere there are beacons, be it in shops, bus/train stations, airports, museums, conference centers, exhibits etc. By just being in the proximity of a beacon, Beacon Reader will react and look up information, if there's any. It will automatically activate Bluetooth at start if it'…

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CliqTags Info (Swedish)

CliqTags is a cloud-based Web application that makes it simple to create and administrate one or more sites adapted for mobile phones. CliqTags also includes tools to create the means to access those sites, be it via QR Codes, SMS or other. In other words, CliqTags is a one-stop shop solution for efficient and effective management of information ad…

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CliqTags QR Code Reader

CliqTags QR Code Reader is a generic barcode reader that acts on the data. It's also optimized for reading CliqTags (http://cliqtags.com) codes. If it finds... ...a URL/link, it will go there ...a phone number, it will make a phone call ...an SMS, it will initiate sending an SMS ...an e-mail, it will initiate sending an e-mail ...a location, i…

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CliqTags Admin

A wrapper app that simplifies access to CliqTags' administration portal, as well as serving as an example of a wrapper app for Android. Only CliqTags (http://cliqtags.com) customers have any use for this app.

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