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  • Clicknav





    Save and manage your favorite places or frequently used destinations and start Google Maps Navigation (or Waze, Sygic, MapFactor, Navigon, CoPilot GPS, OsmAnd, Wisepilot, Be-on-road, GPS Navigation & Maps, Navigate 6) by just one click or by widget with this easy-to-use app. Other supported...

  • Currency FX Rates

    Currency FX Rates




    Currency FX rates is a currency converter and a real-time exchange rate app in one. features: ✔ Real-time exchange rates ✔ Easily convert between your favorite foreign currencies ✔ Display of real-time charts ✔ Calculate with integrated calculator ✔ Saves exchange rates for offline use ✔...

  • Multi App Starter

    Multi App Starter




    Multi App Starter ✔ Start as many apps you want automatically with a single click. ✔ Simply create a task and define which apps you want to start in what order. ✔ If you have a couple of apps which you always start in the same order, and you don't want to start each app after another...

  • App Permission

    App Permission




    Shows a list of all permissions which are used by your applications or processes. ✔ All apps ✔ All permissions ✔ All groups You can see the description of known permissions and which risks they include. Keywords: monitor editor manage control explorer

  • Fuel-Tool





    Check your costs for all your vehicles. ✔ Enter the data when you fill your tank and all your sidecosts like insurence, repair costs or parking tickets. ✔ This app will calculate the stats about your real consumption costs, the distance and the costs of your vehicle. ✔ so you can check how the...

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