• 21 Magic Number




    The aim of this game is to make 21! You have a few seconds to make a lot of 21, so you have to be fast. Remember that you can make a BlackJack totaling 21 with an ace and a jack. Some cards allow you to double your score, take them all! At the end of the game checks how many goals you've...

  • Magic Doctor




    "It really works! Application of the future" With this application you have on your phone for free a real doctor! It is actually more a magician than a doctor. Perhaps more of a mad doctor that a doctor crazy. You have to put your finger on the magic machine and you'll have instant...

  • Crystal Ball finger scan




    For the first time ever on a smartphone a consultation cartomancy completely free, everyday and forever! Prediction by fingerprint scanner! The oracle has been called by many infallible, and the result of the application is very similar to what you can get with a real consultation at our teller...

  • Bubble Baby Puzzle Ice Gems




    It is suitable for baby and children. PUZZLEX is a puzzle game consisting in capture some precious gems. In contrast to classic puzzle PUZZLEX has hidden gems in the ice. When in the ice cubes appear red rubies, you need to touch the screen. If instead of the jewel you get a cake then you get...

  • Pee Pee - Pissing Ringtones




    Best app to piss. Pee is no longer a problem with this application. As soon as you enter the bathroom you have to activate the application and run one of the sounds of pee available. Immediately you will start to make it as if I had been drinking whole bottles of water or as if you were drunk....

  • Magic Horoscope 2014




    "I do not know how it does but it guess always, every morning I have an indispensable ritual: check the magic horoscope." Horoscopes, fortune, luck, astrological predictions certainly have no scientific basis, the stars are watching and ... likely to make their own way. Although we do...

  • Lovemeter finger scanner




    Love Meter really works! Recognizes the affinity between the partners using a scanner for fingerprints. Much more effective than a love horoscope. Put your finger on your phone or tablet, wait for the scan and watch the needle move on the thermometer. You can find out if your partner is the...

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