Adam Ratana

  • Voodoo Doll Live Wallpaper

    Voodoo Doll Live Wallpaper




    Live Wallpaper featuring a Voodoo Doll with 4 colorful themes, animated candle flames, scrolling veve designs and interactive touch effects. The flames extinguish with your touch and re-ignite upon release. For fans of the occult, voodoo, darkness, horror, and our other original skull,...

  • Tattooed Angel Live Wallpaper

    Tattooed Angel Live Wallpaper




    A Tattooed Angel Live Wallpaper, with scrolling designs and glowing orbs and stars! Trails of orbs follow your finger as you touch the screen. The background color gently modulates. Optimized for tablet devices, and implemented with OpenGL for efficiency. A CPU/Battery saving setting is also...

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