Adam Schmelzle

  • Virtual Tulip: compete + grow




    We have interesting people from all around the world in our family friendly chat. Our chat is moderated. We do out best to keep out the crazies and jerks. People trying to 'hook up' get booted quick. To get your flower growing, bring up the sun every morning, and water a few times...

  • Origami Rose: virtual flower




    A resource management game like no other! ** Grow at WARP SPEED ** Flowers reach BEYOND the SKIES! Nobody has ever discovered the limit ** Get ahead through mini games like Hot potato, and the Compost heap ** Gamble some seeds and stars on instant win tickets ** Win PGM betting on sports and...

  • Daisy: Virtual Flower EXTREME!




    Grow your virtual flower to the moon and beyond! We also have a family friendly chat room, with the nicest *virtual* gardeners from all over the world. (not a dating chat, we keep things friendly and non stalker-ish). Our in game chatterbox really is the best on the planet. ...Ok, at least top...

  • Attack Breaker: Lx




    Experience precise paddle and ball control, with super accurate ball physics. Get the "split" power-ups to double the number of active balls multiple times and utilize up to 100 simultaneous multi-ball! **Increase the number of balls you can launch at once in the "Multi-shot...

  • ABP: Complete




    Start with 250 balls, 100x multi-shot and 100 level skips! Race for the best time through HUNDREDS of levels! Shoot up to 100 balls at once. Break those bricks and get the fastest time for the highest score. There is also a free ad supported version available called "Attack Breaker...

  • Public Opinion Predictor




    Have a supreme understanding of human nature? PROVE IT! Play against Android, iPhone and iPod player! This game requires some thought to play, so please complete the tutorial before giving up!

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